Exclusive Trading Floor For Our Students

We believe that the best formula for success is to not just teach our students the various trading concepts and strategies but also to show them how to implement those strategies in live market to get consistent profits. With this purpose in mind, we have launched a exclusive trading floors in all our branches for the benefit of our students

Our students can get access to Trading Floor which lets them trade the markets live alongside our mentors who can help our students develop their skills.

Join Our Course and Get Lifetime Access to Our Trading Floor!!!

Are you new to trading or you have been trading the market for some time but wanted to improve your profits, we offer courses for traders of any level. With our courses, you can


Learn to trade with confidence by understanding how the market operates, money management techniques to minimize risk and maximize profit.


Trade the markets with a live account from our brokerage partners, under the guidance of our mentors.


Develop your skills and implement your learnings with the help of our trading floor alongside our expert mentors.

Benefits of Our Trading Floor

Access to the Trading Room when studying at Trade Achievers opens a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

An Inside Look of Our Trading Floor in Chennai!!!