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Online advanced Trading Course

These days, trading is not just limited to financial experts, but people having any educational background or employment status are making use of the stock market as an additional source of income. If you are interested in trading, you can start learning the basics and start to trade. However, if you wanted to become a pro in trading, you need to know the advanced trading strategies and techniques.

While independent research can help to an extent in gaining knowledge about the trading strategies, taking an advanced trading course will help you obtain an in-depth understanding of the trading market while avoiding some of the costly mistakes that you can make.

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What is Advanced Trading Course?

Planning to take your trading to the next level? Want to know strategies that can help you become a consistently profitable trader? Then, our advanced trading course is all that you need. Our advanced trading course is perfect if you are familiar with all the basics of the trading market and you are looking to take the next step in your trading education.

Our advanced trading course includes a comprehensive, advanced syllabus that can help you learn how to trade confidently and effectively. You will learn unique trading strategies and can develop your own trading strategy with the help of our trading expert.

What Makes Our Advanced Trading Course Unique?

Online as well as offline classes

Classes in English and Tamil

Live trading sessions with industry experts

Training of different trading strategies applicable to stock markets

Live Doubt-Solving Sessions with the trainer

Exclusive Access to Trading Floor and Discussion Forums

Limited participants in each batch

Ongoing support and guidance


Topics covered in the course are

• Ascending Triangle
• Descending Triangle
• Symmetrical Triangle

• Bullish Pennants
• Bearish Pennants
• Falling Wedge
• Rising Wedge
• Bullish Flag
• Bearish Flag
• Head and Shoulder Pattern
• Extended Shoulder Pattern
• Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern

• ABCD Pattern Formation
• Extended ABCD Pattern
• Diamond Pattern

• Gartley Pattern
• Bat Pattern
• Butterfly Pattern
• Cypher Pattern
• Crab Pattern

Upon completion and through practice, traders will be able to identify and trade these patterns profitably.

• Impulse Wave
• Corrective Wave
• Wolfee Wave
• Triangle Wave
• Consolidation Wave
• Zig-Zag Wave

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