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Mr. K S Deepak Kumar, the co-founder of Trade Achievers is one of the top coaches in stock trading.

Venturing into this journey after his graduation, he mastered the ins and outs of the trading market before becoming an expert trader and tutor. It was his journey alongside Mr. Kishore Kumar, the founder and CEO of Trade Achievers, he acquired intensive knowledge on trading. Mr.Deepak admired Mr. Kishore Kumar’s dedication, which made him perceive Mr. Kishore Kumar’s vision as his own.

Over the years of his experience working with Mr. Kishore Kumar, he learned various theories, approaches, and concepts to make trading simpler for the common people.

He made it a personal mission to help people understand and trade the stock markets with the help of strategies that is simple and gives them consistent profits. He brings to the team an immense insight into technical analysis. His analytical skills and intuition into the development of our training material helps our members develop a trading approach with focus on risk and money management.

He inspires millions of people from various occupations through his webinars, videos, and online courses and helps them become professional traders.

Deepak’s passion and intellectual quality have helped propel him into a successful mentor, trainer, and coach in trading. Deepak trains the students of Trade Achievers from his heart, believing to give them the best knowledge on trading and bring out the best in people.

His mission is to influence and impact people through his trading training and to change the way people trade and make money.

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