Options Trading

Options are a special kind of derivative products offered by stock exchanges in India. These derivative contracts offer possibilities for maximum profits with minimum investments. It is no wonder that retail traders are flocking towards options markets. Options can be traded in various circumstances such as bullish, bearish, range bound markets making it a preferred instrument among peopleThe fact that NSE now offers weekly expiry contracts for all days of  the week has also helped in the penetration of option market trading beyond geographical limitations throughout the country. 

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    Expiry of an Option

    As with any other financial contracts, options contracts also cease to expire at a particular time. NSE and BSE offer index options contracts with expiries on all days of the weeks 

    Options contracts exhibit peculiar traits during the times of expiry such as low premiums and higher returns. Skillful traders exploit these phenomenon to maximize their profits in F&O trading. It is to be noted that stock options expire on last Thursday of the month, where in the money options are physically settled ( settled by  transfer of the shares) where as out of the money and at the money contracts expire worthless.  

    Advantages of option trading

    Different types of options contracts

    Exchanges in offer two different types of option contracts namely

    Call option

    Gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying asset at the chosen strike price, whereas the seller has to sell the underlying asset at the strike price upon exercise of the contract.

    Put option

    Gives the buyer the right to sell the underlying asset at the chosen strike price, whereas the seller has to buy the underlying assets at the strike price upon exercise of the contract.

    Index options in India expire on a weekly basis where as options of stocks expire on a monthly basis.

    Mr. K S Kishore Kumar

    Founder & CEO

    Driven by my curiosity, I took my first steps into the world of financial markets in 2009. After a few days of trading, I’d almost doubled my money. Spurred on by my own success, I dug deeper and eventually started trading more. Like any first-time trader, I had no idea about technical analysis or no clue of what the indicators represented. Still, there was something about the financial market that kept me trading.

    I mastered the art of analysing the market using support and resistance, supply and demand, Fibonacci, Elliot waves, Patterns. Rather than copying others’ style, I started developing my own strategy and style. With in-depth analysis and hours of practice, I became confident in my strategy and ability to make money from trading. With the improvement in my understanding of the market, I was able to predict the market with clarity and become a professional trader.

    K S Deepak Kumar

    Co Founder

    Venturing into this journey after his graduation, he mastered the ins and outs of the trading market before becoming an expert trader and tutor. It was his journey alongside Mr. Kishore Kumar, the founder and CEO of Trade Achievers, he acquired intensive knowledge on trading. Mr. Deepak admired Mr. Kishore Kumar’s dedication, which made him perceive Mr. Kishore Kumar’s vision as his own. He made it a personal mission to help people understand and trade the stock markets with the help of strategies that are simple and gives them consistent profits. He brings to the team an immense insight into technical analysis. His analytical skills and intuition into the development of our training material helps our members develop a trading approach with focus on risk and money management.

    Deepak’s passion and intellectual quality have helped him become a successful mentor, trainer and coach in trading. Deepak trains the students of Trade Achievers from his heart, believing to transfer his knowledge in trading and bring out the best in people.

    His mission is to influence and impact people through his trading guidance and to change the way people trade and make money.


    Benefits of option expiry trading

    Options, as they approach their expiries will have a very low premium, making them attractive for option buyers, there are many instances in which prices increase multifold giving huge profits to the option holder.

    Options sellers have also made good profits as premiums tend to decay faster as the markets approach expiration period. Acquiring proper knowledge and implementing apt strategies while trading options will offer many benefits to option traders.

    As stocks expiring in the money will have high margin requirements, these expiry trades are done popularly in index options; a thorough understanding of options including Greeks and strategy is necessary for better returns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many say option trading is risky, is it true?
    It is not limited to option trading, whatever you do without having adequate knowledge is risky, so trading options requires proper risk and money management skills which can be acquired with knowledge and practice;
    What are some strategies that can be applied during options expiry?
    There are many strategies with respect to different market conditions and has to be applied with due diligence;
    My needs are different than other people’ needs, can options help both of us?
    One feature which makes options attractive is their highly customizable nature, based on Individuals need, risk appetite, capital availability and investment objective, we can design specific option strategies;
    I have been doing naked options buying , should I go for strategy?
    Option buying is the basic form of option trading which generates profits only if the market moves in the set direction. Whereas strategy will be useful for all market conditions.