Ever Feel Like Your
 STOP LOSS  is Being Watched?

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Our  Courses

Price Action Trading

There is always a huge opportunity to make money from trading. However, success comes to only those people who work smart. Trading is not just about investing money and watching the charts, indicators or listening to trade advisors.

Options Strategist

Trading is more about applying concepts and strategies to make consistent profits. There is no point if you just acquire knowledge about the theoretical side of the trading markets.

Advanced Trading Course

These days, trading is not just limited to financial experts, but people having any educational background or employment status are making use of the stock market as an additional source of income.


Your future is synonymous with your finances. With the right learning, you can make the right financial choices and plan future goals. NSE Academy, which promotes financial literacy as a necessary life skill


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The mentors were great and explained every concept clearly. The live practice sessions were helpful to understand the market better. I am confident to start with trading after this course.


Bundle of trading knowledge at an affordable price. This is all I can say about this course. Such a brilliant course which provides practical knowledge on trading and different strategies.