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Come join us in our celebrations! Trade achievers training academy, the pioneer financial market training institute completes seven successful years in mentoring retail traders around south India and continues its growth journey In the eight year. Embark on our success journey and make our success yours too! Enroll in our financial market trading courses now and avail exciting offers.

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    Mr. K S Kishore Kumar

    Founder & CEO

    Driven by my curiosity, I took my first steps into the world of financial markets in 2009. After a few days of trading, I’d almost doubled my money. Spurred on by my own success, I dug deeper and eventually started trading more. Like any first-time trader, I had no idea about technical analysis or no clue of what the indicators represented. Still, there was something about the financial market that kept me trading.

    I mastered the art of analysing the market using support and resistance, supply and demand, Fibonacci, Elliot waves, Patterns. Rather than copying others’ style, I started developing my own strategy and style. With in-depth analysis and hours of practice, I became confident in my strategy and ability to make money from trading. With the improvement in my understanding of the market, I was able to predict the market with clarity and become a professional trader.

    K S Deepak Kumar

    Co Founder

    Venturing into this journey after his graduation, he mastered the ins and outs of the trading market before becoming an expert trader and tutor. It was his journey alongside Mr. Kishore Kumar, the founder and CEO of Trade Achievers, he acquired intensive knowledge on trading. Mr. Deepak admired Mr. Kishore Kumar’s dedication, which made him perceive Mr. Kishore Kumar’s vision as his own. He made it a personal mission to help people understand and trade the stock markets with the help of strategies that are simple and gives them consistent profits. He brings to the team an immense insight into technical analysis. His analytical skills and intuition into the development of our training material helps our members develop a trading approach with focus on risk and money management.

    Deepak’s passion and intellectual quality have helped him become a successful mentor, trainer and coach in trading. Deepak trains the students of Trade Achievers from his heart, believing to transfer his knowledge in trading and bring out the best in people.

    His mission is to influence and impact people through his trading guidance and to change the way people trade and make money.


    Who can take up our Stock Market Courses?

    Beginners in the Stock Market

    You are new to the stock market and you have never traded before, but are interested in learning

    Investors looking at better results

    You have tried your hands on trading and investing but you have not gotten the expected results

    Job seekers

    You are looking to start a career in the stock market or planning to become a stock trader


    Yes, some extra money would be nice to start your life with proper vision about financial freedom

    House Wives

    As for House Wives this could turn into a very good hobby or passive income, which helps you earn for yourself independently.

    Working Professionals

    This may even help many youngsters or working professional for an early retirement when they have planned their financial goals properly

    Retired Personnel

    Retired person, some may have the luxury of pension and some may not, but having a proper guidance in financial market can help you to fulfill your financial needs independently

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the courses offered in the offer?

    The offer price is applicable for the combo of our Price action swing trading course, option strategies course and our advance pattern trading courses.

    Should I attend the classes continuously?

    You can choose the class slots as per your convenience, the sessions once scheduled will be intimated to you from our office.

    Last? Will I get review of the classes ?

    We will plan review sessions regularly for our clients in both offline and online modes.

    What are the other services offered along with the course?

    Once enrolled, a client can walk-in to any of our branches and get their doubts clarified. A client can also avail our trading floor and elite group support, subject to conditions.  

    What kind of Indicators will we use for analysis?

    We will not need any indicators, our analysis will give you in depth understanding of various markets, be it equity, commodity or currency markets.  

    Can I attend classes again if I have any issues?

    Yes, you can attend price action classes for second time in case if you have issues. For options course, we will have review sessions periodically.  

    How Long does this Offer Last?

    This Offer is for the 1st 100 Members, so grab this offer as soon as Possible, as the Bookings are closed very Soon.

    Should I choose for offline or online class?

    It depends on your convenience.  

    If I relocate to any other town, can I visit any of the nearby branches?

    Yes, you can visit our branch nearest to you to avail our services.  

    Is there any offer for existing students?

    Yes, there are offers for existing students as well.  

    Contact – 9384860384 for more details.  


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